My name is Miriam Chemmoss a.k.a Mama Imara and this is my hair story.

In the spring of 2015, after a ton of research, while sitting at my dining table I created a herbal hair oil. Originally, it was just for me. I was experiencing some hair issues including postpartum hair loss shortly after my daughter Imara was born. The hair oil gave me more results than I asked for.

After sharing it with a few friends, I noticed that they too, got great results and I’ve been sharing it ever since.

I call it Mama Imara Super Growth Hair Oil.

Since I launched the herbal oil, thousands of customers across the globe have been sharing this product with their friends and family. We have shipped to every corner including South Africa, Australia, Europe, Canada etc. Mama

Imara Beauty & Wellness, the company, was born early this year. I’m looking forward to launching more products for hair and skin later this year.